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With a PhD in Psychology, 24+ years in Human Factors at IBM Corp., and the father of 4, grandfather of 3, Santa is So Happy bringing Christmas cheer to children and families. (His last name is Happ, so he is always 4/5 Happy!) It took 10 months to grow his naturally silver, real beard. His bag can hold 40 lbs. (about 18 kg.) of presents at a time. His suit with hat, shoes, and belt weighs over 30 lbs. Mrs. Claus designs and tailors all of SantaSoHappy’s outfit. Ask other Santas about the quality of her creations. She is truly the seamstress to the North Pole. SantaSoHappy loves to work in his woodshop with the elves. Ask him to show you a handcarved, magical SantaSoHappy pencil, an ornament, or a whistle.